Jody McIntyre, ο άνθρωπος που σόκαρε "καθηλωμένος"

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[Aναδημοσίευση] απο το Youropia

First they said I’d never walk or talk,
Then they said I’d never read or write,
Or even if I spoke it wouldn’t make sense,
And I’d never learn to ride my bike,
They said I, couldn’t go to a normal school,
Even though I could, shouldn’t walk cos I might fall,
They said you’re better off in a wheelchair,
They said live driven by your own fears,
Then they said I could walk but not run,
They said participate, but don’t have fun,
They said listen to pop and rock but not hip-hop,
Write on your laptop but don’t write poetry,
Read trashy magazines not your history,
Don’t seek the truth, just copy the TV,
Then they said don’t travel the world,
There’s nothing to be seen and nothing to be heard,
Don’t go on your own, you’ll never manage that,
And if you do, then you’ll never get back,
And when I got back, they said settle down,
Time for a normal life, don’t let em down,
Go to uni, get money,
Don’t complain, life’s the same, and it’s never gonna change,
Don’t dissent against the war in Iraq,
Don’t ask the soldiers when they’re coming back,
Don’t oppose apartheid in Israel,
South Africa’s fine, but this is a whole nother deal,
They said it’s OK to protest, but don’t be violent,
Say what you like, I’ll never be silent.

το video ειναι κλεμενο απτον φιλο  Denyal….

μας το στελνει η φιλη Vicky

κανει πασα ο μανικακος….

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