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Citizens have a democratic right to know what a government does in their name. Governments and their public servants bear sole responsibility for protecting properly classified information. Outsiders who receive or communicate confidential government information should not be prosecuted unless they have obtained it by fraud or bribery or duress. National security exceptions should be precisely defined, should protect the identity of sources who are at risk of reprisals but should not stop whistleblowers from revealing human rights violations – the public has, at the very least, a right to know when a war fought in its name is killing innocent civilians through illegal targeting decisions.

While the leaking of government documents is a crime, the publication of documents is not a crime. Governments cannot call for unlimited internet freedom in other parts of the world if they do not respect this freedom themselves.

Anonymity is revolutionary. Governments have long recognized this. What Wikileaks has done is to give us the ability to in effect spy on government with a powerful assurance of anonymity. It has begun to level the playing field. Now ordinary people can be protected as they work to hold governments accountable for their actions and for their lies.

Merciless Marilizard declared a war against anonymous Greek bloggers who choose for pen names the names of politicians. But the right to engage in anonymous blogging is a well-established constitutional right in all civil nations. In fact, anonymous political speech is an especially valued right in the West. From Homer to Mark Twain and the authors of the Federalist Papers, anonymous pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, and books have played an important role in the progress of mankind.

Marilizard cannot understand that a Greek blogger is free to decide whether or not to disclose his true identity. The decision in favor of anonymity may be motivated by fear of Gracokleptocrat retaliation, by concern about Athenian ostracism, or merely by a desire to preserve as much of one’s privacy as possible. Whatever the motivation may be, the interest in having anonymous posts enter cyberspace unquestionably outweighs any Greek public interest in requiring disclosure as a condition of blogging.

Accordingly, a Greek blogger’s decision to remain anonymous, like other decisions concerning omissions or additions to the content of a blog, is an aspect of the freedom of speech protected by any reasonable constitution, the Lisbon Treaty, the European Convention of Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Not matter what Marilizard is up to, she is definitely not above the law!

Marilizard cannot understand the Pseudonym Netiquette:
1. Any person can use any pen name, aka pseudonym or alias, as he pleases.
2. Most persons use pen names of famous people, such as politicians.
3. It’s an honor when somebody uses your name as a pen name.
4. Only spoofing is forgery, i.e., when one makes the appearance of an email coming from another email.

October 18 confirmed that the Greek government, not the Turkish government, is the enemy of the Greek people! Premier George Papandreou of Graecokleptocracy crossed the Rubicon on October 18, 2010, when his Merciless Marilizard destroyed a distinguished professor and dissident blogger, in order to appease Premier Erdogan of Turkey! That’s why the Global Tax Revolt declared October 18 as the International Day Against Cybercop Brutality.


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