The Shadow Hunter…

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Η μοναδική ζωντανή(ακόμα) προσπάθειά μου σε αγγλικό λόγο…

Tool – Lateralus

η εναλακτικά Shadow hunter απο Angra..…(Για ακουστική παρέα…)

«No absolute truth can exist in a conscious mind,because every single thought is submitted to an individual and orbitrary judgment.»

His name is the Shadow Hunter for he searches for things of honor and love,ideas that are scattered into shadows nowadays.But he has faith to himself and hopes that someday people will begin to comprehend.
You can’t recognize him for he wears a mask of laughter,of joy.
But deep in his soul his shadows rip him apart.
When you see him just tell’ im «I now know «.

During the last moment on  the life of the insanity,he is still questioning: «Was I right? Was I wrong?»
Memories and thoughts twist his mind.The prisoner is being visited by angels.Or are they demons?…Who knows?…
How can a pure heart judge evil? The Angel of Death stretches his arms and offers a comfortable eternal silence.The Shadow Hunter delivers his body and soul,sure of his late redemption.

…Life consuming lives to live,to keep living.
Ends for one,continues for all.The snake eats its’ tail.The circle restarts….

The future is a consequence of what we do now.The present exposes the sprouts of time.



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